Vitamin Therapy

IV Infusions

Step 1

When you have an IV vitamin treatment, it will be delivered in the form of an intravenously
delivered mixture of minerals and vitamins.

Step 2

The nutrients contained in the IV will go directly into
your bloodstream.

Step 3

This results in more vitamins and minerals being directly absorbed by the cells in your body.

Why Are Vitamin Infusions Important?

Vitamin infusions are important because of the many ways your body can be affected by your
daily activities, what you are exposed to on a regular basis, and nutrients you aren't getting
enough of.

While you might be tempted to turn to supplements to achieve the same goal, the
normal digestion process prevents all the nutrients contained in supplements from being fully
absorbed by your body. Vitamin infusions eliminate this problem.

Solves These Problems…

Along with increased stamina and an immunity boost to help ward off sickness, the right IV vitamin therapy mixture could help patients experiencing health and wellness issues related to:

• Stress and burnout
• Seasonal colds
• Athletic pain
• Allergies and asthma
• Certain chronic conditions
• Hormone imbalances
• Immune system deficiencies
• Excess toxins
• Skin that’s lacking sufficient nutrients

The Benefits

 In a perfect world, you would be able to get the right amount of essential nutrients from your diet alone. But as we discussed above, that’s not realistic for many people. The solution is intravenous vitamin infusion therapy. Regardless of what type of IV-delivered vitamin therapy is appropriate for you, there are some additional benefits patients often appreciate. Here are four


1. Customized, potent treatments: We’ll help you determine which infusion mixture is right for your needs.


2. Infusions are fast and effective: The infusions typically take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour – and the results are noticed soon after treatment!


3. Infusions are safe: You’ll be carefully monitored as you receive a specially prepared mixture based on your unique needs.


4. A reduced pill load: With infusions, you can reduce your dependence on certain medications, including some that may have potential side effects associated with long-term use.


Our Vitamin IV Infusion Packages



Our Quench Package is a smart choice if you are feeling a bit wiped out after an intense workout because of a need to up your hydration level. Combat fatigue from dehydration and maintain your performance today.



Get energized with our Get-up-and-Go Package without the need for endless cups of coffee to get you through the day! Your body is screaming for more nutrients, give it what it needs to function at it’s optimum level! Burn fat and boost your metabolism today.

Recovery & Performance


The ideal IV Infusion cocktail for athletes and those looking to perform at the elite level. Recover faster and perform at your best every week. Let’s get you set up now! Decrease your recovery time & enhance your performance today with our Recovery & Performance Package.


Be Well

Our Immunity package allows you get an immune system boost to ward off seasonal illness or be better prepared for travel or surgery. Boost your immune system today so you can feel better, faster.

Alleviate Pain


Minimize bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and lower back pain. our Alleviate Pain Package is designed to help you ease discomfort and start feeling relief from those aches and pains.

Inner Beauty


You’ll appreciate our Inner Beauty Package if you want to enjoy healthier and more youthful hair, skin, and nails. Fight acne, wrinkles and
tired skin from the inside out

Myers’ Cocktail


The Myers’ Cocktail is the original IV infusion mixture created by Dr. Myers. It’s designed to help improve your overall health and well-being, especially if you have chronic issues.

Try It for Yourself!

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and Deltona where you are welcome to discover the many benefits of receiving a safe, direct
infusion of beneficial nutrients in a relaxed setting. Contact us today to learn more.

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